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RB100-W-B: 5-axis water jet cutter


The RB100-W-B is a reasonably priced entry-level 5-axis CNC water jet cutting machine. It is suited ideally for cutting and trimming materials which can't be easily processed using conventional machining, like CFRP and other composite materials, glass, wood and some sorts of plastics.

In particular, it's the aerospace, the automotive and the suppliers industry which the RB100-W-B benefits by providing a means to machine such materials without problems.

Technical properties

- Bosch-Rexroth CNC control (programmable in DIN code / G code)

- Range of movement (scope): 500 mm x 500 mm x 200 mm

- Maximum speed: 1 m/s

- Repeating accuracy: 0.05 mm

- Tool path accuracy: 0.1 mm

- KMT pump (Streamline SL-V 50 Classic C, 37 kW)

- Jet diameter: 0.35 mm

- Maximum pressure: 380 MPa (3800 bar, 55115 PSI)

- Feed pipe for abrasive material

- For high safety requirements (working chamber is sealed off completely)


The purchase price for the RB100-W-B is 109,000.00 EUR (plus value-added tax). Alternatively, the unit can be leased at rates starting from 1,240.00 EUR per month (plus value-added tax).

This offer is valid only for commercial customers.

Other variants

> RB100-W-A (recommended in case of needs for very high throughput and comfort)

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