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RB100-D-P: Fully automated 5-axis CNC deburring / bevelling machine with parts feed


The RB100-D-P is the most advanced model from our line of 5-axis CNC reworking units. It is optimized for throughput, process-safety and usage in fully automated environments, and is suited ideally for rework like deburring, bevelling, drilling holes, brushing, trimming, slitting and more.

The RB100-D-B facilitates easy, problem-free and process-safe high-throughput reworking, particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries and their supplier industries, even if the parts are complex or if different parts are being fed in arbitrary order.

Technical properties

- Bosch-Rexroth CNC control (programmable in DIN code / G code)

- Range of movement (scope): 500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm

- Maximum speed: 1 m/s

- Repeating accuracy: 0.05 mm

- Tool path accuracy: 0.1 mm

- Integrated 2-jaw chuck

- For high safety requirements (working chamber is sealed off completely)

Further components (already integrated)

The RB100-D-P comprises the following special equipment which unburdens operators and increases throughput:

- Parts feed consisting of conveyor, singling units and lifting cylinders, fully integrated into the CNC / PLC (increases throughput, unburdens operators)

- Automatic part recognition (facilitates process-safe machining even if different parts are being fed in arbitrary order, unburdens operators)

Other variants

> RB100-D-B (standard model)

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